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The selected films below display my directorial skills and visions. In addition to directing projects, I can be seen on set producing, script supervising, editing, working as a production assistant, and/or being a behind-the-scenes photographer. 

Please email if you wish to receive a link for any of the works below.

7 - Director, Writer, Producer (2024) 

An experimental film that creates an unconventional representation of archetypes through dance. “A divine feminine archetype is when a woman embodies the highest expression of her feminine energies.” The seven archetypes that prevail in contemporary modern society are the maiden, the sage, the huntress, the mother, the lover, the queen, and the mystic. 
Screen Shot 2024-04-17 at 1.17.53 AM.png

solid liquid gas - Director (2023) 

This music video for Eartheater's song juxtaposes the basic nature of human makeup with the emotionality of humans and our innate complexities. The abstract imagery made through analog and modulators contrasts the images of nature to highlight the distinction between the human body and the human experience.

Where the Roses Bloom - Director, Editor (2022) 

After finding a flower embedded in her skin, Thea must confront her past sorrows to regain the control she once had over her life. Thematically, I explore the limits of one's willingness to obtain what one wants or yearns to experience. Small and obscure things can cause massive amounts of horror and pain, which can be humbling to the human body and ego.
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